"Writer Beware" Got It Wrong:
Thinkerbeat Does Not Publish Our Magazines

The SFWA issued a warning (via Writer Beware) stating that Thinkerbeat was the publisher of both the Unfit and Unreal magazines. This has never been the case. They have always been published Longshot Press.

Why didn't the SFWA check the facts? Why did they mislead the public? Why, most importantly, haven't they removed the false statement? Here is the statement they made:


The Board of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is issuing a warning regarding short fiction publisher Thinkerbeat (wrong!), which publishes the semi-pro magazines "Unfit" and "Unreal." (wrong!) The publisher (wrong!) publicly posts lists of rejected stories along with the author’s name and a numeric score.

This publisher’s (wrong!) behavior is far outside of industry standards and is contrary to the interests of writers. Humiliating writers, betraying their trust, and violating their privacy is not acceptable.


Why would anyone want to trust the SFWA when they have made this obvious erroneous statement? It was easy enough to check the facts. Just look inside the magazines. Ask one of the authors. Look at Wikipedia...

Look on the spine! It says Longshot Press.

longshot press

libel : a lie told with the specific intent of damaging the targeted person or business

Members of the Board are/were:

Nobody had the time to check the facts? They just signed off on this?

in fact, the thinkerbeat team got the idea from Writers of the Future! They hand out honorable mentions all the time for stories that didn't make it in the magazine.

Don’t trust the SFWA. Stay safe.


Cancel Culture Snerkles

Here are examples of cancel culture getting it wrong.



Bruce Golden New voices with fresh ideas are always welcome in the publishing industry. Daniel Scott White has proven he has a voice worth listening to with new publications such as Unreal and Unfit.

David R. Grigg Over the last few years, Daniel Scott White has developed a range of innovative speculative fiction and literary magazines, featuring stories by both well-known and new writers and offering top-level payment rates. He always seems to be exploring new ways of looking at the publishing of fiction and has developed several innovations in his approach to encouraging existing writers and finding new ones. While this has sometimes caused critical comment from some, others have applauded him for fresh thinking in the publishing field.

Jerry Oltion I appreciate the encouragement that I get when I submit stories to Unreal and Unfit.

Tais Teng It showed me that my story was appreciated, even if it wasn’t bought.

Angelique Fawns I love the idea of this chart… its nice to get some feedback.

Marcas McClellan I think it’s spot on.

Rab Ferguson Thanks for posting this! It’s nice to see The Family get an honorable mention. It’s a story I’ve worked on for a while, and am still trying to place, so it encourages me that I’m on the right track. It’s also motivating to keep on submitting to Unreal/Unfit. Well done to everyone on the list.

Rebecca Linam Well, cool! I got an honorable mention for a story I submitted to ‘Unreal’!

Liviu Surugiu I recommend Thinkerbeat because it is a wonderful place where a beginner writer can publish alongside famous names, such as Ken Liu or Robert J. Sawyer.

Felicia Martinez I’m a new writer, so this kind of encouragement means a lot to me. It makes me feel like I’m moving in the right direction, if that makes sense! THANK YOU!